Better Together

We believe we are better together. That when individuals use their unique passions and skills to join others in spreading love, hope and compassion in the world, care is amplified in a powerful way. That’s why we’ve created the CaringBridge Amplifier Hub – an online gathering place where enthusiastic CaringBridge supporters can connect and find transformative opportunities to give back.

Personal connections

Beth Keathley, a nurse and CaringBridge volunteer, uses her CaringBridge site to keep family and friends updated on her cancer journey. Through her participation on the Hub, she has been able to share what our service has meant to her. Beth amplifies care in her world by speaking to health professionals and others about CaringBridge and writing blog entries on the Hub.

“I may not be able to care for patients physically due to my illness, but I can help them see what CaringBridge has done for me,” Beth says.

Through the Amplifier Hub, our supporters are lending their skills and passions to show their appreciation. Shannon Hunter, grateful to CaringBridge for giving her a way to stay connected with family during her grandma’s cancer journey and her brother’s passing, wanted to give back. Shannon utilizes her professional video production skills to create videos about our organization and its accomplishments.

“I hope to continue volunteering for many more years so family and friends can stay connected during a health journey like I did,” says Shannon.

Making a difference

The Amplifier Hub is all about encouraging those who want to make a difference. Margaret Crawford, a long-time local lead volunteer, provides invaluable support to others by mobilizing and empowering them to carry out their Amplifier ideas.

“I volunteer with CaringBridge because I love its message and enjoy doing ‘behind the scenes’ volunteer tasks,” Margaret says. “I have been a volunteer for several years and see myself being an active volunteer for many more.”

We want to give more people more ways to amplify caring in their world. And with the help of passionate, motivated individuals connecting through the Amplifier Hub, we know it’s possible. Will you help us spread care throughout the world by joining the Amplifier Hub today?

Beth Keathley
Shannon Hunter
Margaret Crawford