2014 Annual Report

Hope and Healing
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CaringBridge is a donor-supported organization with the mission to amplify the love, hope and compassion in the world. Our websites provide a safe space for people on a health journey to connect with and rally their community.

Because in times of need, the greatest source of healing is the love and support of family and friends.

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Dear Friends,

In 2014, your compassion and support made a tremendous difference in the lives of thousands of families when they needed it most. One inspiring example is the story of Frank and Lisabeth, whose lives were turned upside down one cold, January night. Lisabeth woke to the news that her husband Frank, a police officer, had been in a car accident while on duty and was in a coma. As Frank began his long recovery and rehabilitation, Lisabeth had to learn to accept the support of others.

“I learned to say ‘yes’ when someone offered help, that my CaringBridge guestbook could be the best source of hope, prayers and love when I needed to take a break and just breathe. I didn’t need to carry this huge burden of sadness and fear alone.”

Thanks to you, 72,000 families like Frank and Lisabeth’s felt the loving support of a CaringBridge community to help lighten their loads. Our mission – to amplify the love, hope and compassion in the world, making each health journey easier – would not be possible without the generous support of donors like you.

With your help, we achieved many milestones in 2014. We developed a three-year strategic plan that will enable us to strengthen support for our families for years to come. We began a partnership with Hallmark, which gives our communities more ways to express love and encouragement at a time when words may fail them. And, thanks to you, a new partnership with GoFundMe gives our communities a way to offer financial assistance when it is most needed.

Like our families, we are blessed with a community of passionate supporters who want to strengthen CaringBridge by volunteering their time and professional expertise. We took their suggestion and integrated the opportunity to volunteer for CaringBridge into our website, empowering even more people to donate their time and give back.

“Life can change in an instant,” Lisabeth reminds us, “but you don’t have to walk the path alone. Lean in and let others walk with you.” On behalf of our Board, Advisory Council and employees, we thank you for walking with us. Because of you, we can ensure that at any time, under any circumstances, those in need will feel strengthened by a loving community to help carry the load.

With gratitude,

Sona Mehring Founder and CEO

Janice Aune 2013-2014 Board Chair


Every year CaringBridge websites provide a safe space for people to feel loved and supported by their community when they need it most.

By creating a free CaringBridge website, people in a time of need can share updates, photos and videos, connecting with friends and family who care and want to help.

300,000 people visit CaringBridge every day.

It was absolutely amazing to me that I could keep up with how he was doing every day, to send him messages of care and hope, and make a donation on his behalf. Since the family is very dispersed it gave us all a sense of being together with him throughout.

Ruth, visitor

I have a site for myself – going on a few years now (I'm in remission now) and it was the best thing I could have had while I was sick. It kept me going.

Sandy, donor and author

More than 72,000 families created CaringBridge websites in 2014.

We are so thankful for CaringBridge, to provide us with a communication tool to update the people who care about Noah as well as a place for them to leave messages of support and encouragement for him. When he is feeling well enough, the first thing he does in the morning is check the site for messages. Knowing so many people are out there pulling for him really helps to keep him going. I really can't tell you how much it helped us to have a site that is so easy to use and that provides such wonderful tools already in place when we needed it. We'd be lost without CaringBridge.

Jamie, author

This site was such a big help to us when we needed it most. I really appreciate the ability it gave me to reach out to our very extended circle of family and friends around the country. Thank you.

Mary, author

2.2 million new people joined CaringBridge communities in 2014.

The CaringBridge site has been a wonderful outlet for me to express my experience and to garner insight into my illness with the love and support of so many friends and family. I make my donation with the hope that others will get as much benefit from this wonderful site as I have.

Lauren, donor and author

Thank you most sincerely for your website, which has allowed me and others to follow the progress of a dear friend and his very ill wife. And to respond to their stories, to allow them to communicate with so many – would not have been possible without you. You do immense good, bring comfort, make everyone feel like they are close and family and able to be in real communication with vitally important events, life and death events. Thank you again.

Richard, visitor

More than 78,000 donors made a contribution to CaringBridge in 2014.

You Make This Possible

They’re the stories that inspire us every day: our volunteers, donors and, of course, people who use CaringBridge.

Dr. Matt Dudley Website Author, Volunteer and Donor

Why I donate:

Through CaringBridge, I’ve learned that the ability to communicate with others is crucial when battling a grave illness or disease. People’s support has been vital to getting through what I’ve gone through.

As a physician undergoing cancer treatments far from home, Dr. Matt Dudley found that the love of family and friends was critical to maintaining a positive attitude. Matt’s experience has changed how he now treats patients. “It’s no longer just about treating the patient but also about providing them with hope and comfort during a difficult time.” Matt now recommends CaringBridge to his medical students.

Katie Hoody Website Author and Volunteer

Why I volunteer:

CaringBridge has been such a valuable resource for our family during my mom's illness. I am so grateful to be able to volunteer!

Katie felt the power of CaringBridge as a caregiver during her mother’s treatment for ovarian cancer. She wanted to volunteer, but could never find the time to attend training. Then, something amazing happened. Katie appeared on Wheel of Fortune and returned home with $50,000 in prize money. What did she do with it? She took a year off from work to volunteer for the organizations that had most impacted her and her family.

Joy Steinback Website Author and Donor

Why I donate:

Using CaringBridge was definitely the best decision I possibly could have made at that point in our cancer journey. It was a way for me to share our fears, frustrations and successes.

Julia is an energetic kindergartener who you’d never guess has been through three years of chemotherapy for acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Julia’s mom, Joy, began her CaringBridge website the day after her diagnosis. When Julia finished treatment, they threw a reverse benefit called a No Mo Chemo party to raise money for the charities that made the greatest impact on them, including CaringBridge.

Eddie and Mary Grampp Website Author and Volunteer

Why I volunteer:

Now people we don’t even know are reading our story. The words of support and encouragement mean so much to us. It’s benefitting our spirits knowing that we are helping others facing a challenging situation.

Two years ago, Eddie Grampp was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Today, this father of three continues to inspire others with his positive outlook. His wife, Mary, started a CaringBridge website to lessen their load, but found an outlet for sharing their story of hope. Focusing on the blessings and miracles that have happened throughout their journey, the Grampps encourage others to start CaringBridge websites.

By The Numbers

CaringBridge is not possible without your financial support.

CaringBridge survives and thrives on a broader community of caring: support that enabled CaringBridge to serve 35 million people in the past year, across all ages, for a wide-range of conditions and from 236 countries and regions. We are grateful for the thousands of compassionate donors who make CaringBridge possible.

Statement of Activity for the Year Ended December 31, 2014

Revenue and Other Support

Contributions: $6,442,078 90.58%
Donated Services: $604,310 8.50%
Investment Income: $2,348 0.03%
Other Income: $59,688 0.84%
Unrelated Business Income: $3,539 0.05%
  Total Revenue $7,111,963 100.00%


Program Services: $5,984,023 78.38%
Management and General: $934,923 12.25%
Fundraising: $715,296 9.37%
  Total Expenses $7,634,242 100.00%

Net Assets

  Change in Net Assets ($522,279)
Net Assets at the Beginning of 2014 $4,269,822
Net Assets at the End of 2014 $3,747,543

Balance Sheet for the Year Ended December 31, 2014

Current Assets

Cash: $2,394,876 93.47%
Inventory: $2,948 0.12%
Prepaid Expenses: $164,415 6.42%
  Total Current Assets $2,562,239 100.00%

Other Assets

Endowment Investments: $199,585 13.40%
Investments: $500,870 33.63%
Other Assets: $13,333 0.90%
Fixed Assets: $775,725 52.08%
  Total Other Assets $1,489,513 100.00%

Total Assets: $4,051,752

Current Liabilities

Accounts Payable: $70,424 23.15%
Accrued Expenses: $233,785 76.85%
  Total Current Liabilities $304,209 100.00%

Total Net Assets

Unrestricted: $3,547,543 94.66%
Permanently Restricted: $200,000 5.34%
  Total Net Assets $3,747,543 100.00%

Total Liabilities & Net Assets: $4,051,752

Independent auditors: Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP

Review the complete audited CaringBridge Financial Statement or send your request via email to info@caringbridge.org


2014 Board of Directors

Senior Leadership Team

Thank You

Your support ensures that nobody goes through life’s most difficult journeys alone. In 2014, the generosity of our volunteers and donors humbled and inspired us every day. In the upcoming year and for years to come, we will continue to build, grow and imagine new ways to help.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity.

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