The CaringBridge 2013 Annual Report

In times of need, the greatest source of healing is the love of family and friends. And you help make it happen.

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Looking Back and Imagining the Future

Dear Friends,

Every single day in the past year, more than 500,000 individuals and families connected through CaringBridge. On one special day, we had the privilege of connecting personally with one of them: Sophia, a 16-year-old from London, Ontario who was diagnosed with stage 4 rhabdomyosarcoma alveolar, a rare form of cancer.

The diagnosis changed Sophia and her family’s life in a matter of moments. Through a CaringBridge website, Sophia’s mother, Jodi, journaled daily. She described the support they received through their CaringBridge community as “overwhelming,” showing just one of the ways that our work fosters healing, each and every day.

Our mission is to amplify love, hope and compassion, making each health journey easier.

In times of need, the greatest source of this healing is the love of family and friends. Our work ensures that at any time, under any circumstances, people feel the support of their community surrounding them with care. Each person’s community is brought together in an easy-to-use, protected space — free from advertising and data selling — solely focused on the families that use CaringBridge.

CaringBridge is not possible without your financial support. CaringBridge survives and thrives on a broader community of caring: support that enabled CaringBridge to serve 43 million people in the past year, across all ages, for a wide-range of condition and from 233 countries and territories.

Join us as we take every chance, every day, to offer connections and healing when they’re needed most.

With gratitude,

Sona Mehring
Founder and CEO

Janice Aune
2013-2014 Board Chair

Sona Mehring
Janice Aune

Board of Directors

Janice Aune Chair

Beth Monsrud Vice Chair

Cheryl Newell Treasurer

Leigh Bailey Secretary

Alan Abramson

Karen Hohertz-Jacobs

Lawrence J. Massa

Bill McKinney

Mikisha Nation

Scott Petinga

Ann O'Connor Sandgren

Katherine Tavitian

Shawn A. Teal

Jamie Thingelstad

Jason Van de Loo

Senior Leadership Team

Sona Mehring Founder and CEO

Gary Ablan Vice President of Technology

Amy Bay Robinson Vice President of Marketing and Brand Strategy

Heidi Droegemueller Vice President of Development

Darla Nemec Vice President of Finance and Administration

Sami Pelton Vice President of Customer Experience

Love Letters

These are just a few of the letters we’ve received from people who have used CaringBridge websites. We call them “profit sharing.” And they make all our hard work worthwhile.

"This site was absolutely invaluable to me for two years."


"...CaringBridge is a must for all family and friends of someone under medical care..."


"...[a] wonderful way to keep in touch with loved ones and friends during a time of need..."


"No organization could do it better than yours -- Thank you!"


"To share current updates once vs. returning multiple phone calls... Makes all the difference."


"... how comforting [CaringBridge] was for me when I had a friend injured."


"Thank you for being there for families during tough times."


"My family uses CaringBridge often to stay updated and connected with friends and family."


Our Stories

They’re the stories that inspire us every day: our volunteers, donors and, of course, people who use CaringBridge websites.

By the Numbers

Over 20,000 visits to CaringBridge websites every hour

Almost 76,000 CaringBridge websites created in 2013

Nearly 100,000 donors made a contribution to CaringBridge in 2013

Over 500,000 people use CaringBridge every day

Statement of Activity

Revenue and Other Support

$7,522,388 Contributions | $523,672 Donated Services | $5,744 Interest Income | $133,986 Other Income

$8,185,790 Total Revenue


$6,183,495 Program Services | $1,001,185 Management & General | $917,321 Fundraising

$8,102,001 Total Expense

Change in Net Assets: $83,789

Net Assets at the Beginning of Year: $4,186,033

Net Assets at the End of Year: $4,269,822

Balance Sheet

Current Assets

$3,344,387 Cash | $4,196 Inventory | $99,369 Prepaid Expenses

$3,447,952 Total Current Assets

Other Assets

$200,794 Endowment Investments | $13,333 Other Assets | $838,423 Fixed Assets

$1,052,550 Total Other Assets

Total Assets: $4,500,502

Current Liabilities

$73,313 Accounts Payable | $157,367 Accrued Expenses

$230,680 Total Current Liabilites

Net Assets

$4,044,028 Unrestricted | $25,794 Temporarily Restricted | $200,000 Permanently Restricted

$4,269,822 Total Net Assets

Total Liabilities & Net Assets: $4,500,502

Independent auditors: Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP
Review the complete audited CaringBridge Financial Statement or send your request via email to

Thank You

Your support ensures that nobody goes through a time of need feeling alone. In 2013, the generosity of our volunteers and donors humbled and inspired us every day. In the upcoming year and for years to come, we will continue to work in every way to build, grow and imagine new ways to help. We look forward to doing this together with you.